Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oilers trade Riley Nash

The Edmonton Oilers traded Riley Nash earlier today. Carolina offered up the 46th overall pick and Edmonton sent the Cornell center to the Hurricanes.

The return (46th overall) is very poor considering Nash was #21 overall and has been building a solid resume in the NCAA. I don't want to be misunderstood here, the player selected with the 46th pick looks like a winner and I'm looking forward to following his career.

The best the Oilers organization can hope for is that Nash never makes the show. That way, they can point to his selection in 2007's first round as a draft error. Their worst nightmare? That he signs with Carolina and becomes what they'd hoped for: a solid 2-way center. If that happens, the error can't be placed long ago in 2007 during the KP era.

It will be placed squarely on the 2010 General Manager's desk. Some of us will be watching closely.


  1. I'm going to keep disagreeing with you LT.

    The word is that he would rather go back in the draft than sign with the Oilers (if he wasn't guaranteed a NHL spot), so to them he was worth the 51st in 2012.

    Its a shitty mess that they just try to clean up and move on.

    If he really needs to be guaranteed an NHL on the 30th place team, then move him out and move on.

    Spilt milk, can't lay this one entirely at ST feet.

  2. Looks like a bad move.

    Do you suppose Nash pretty much told them, perhaps implicitly, he wouldn't sign with them next off-season and would go FA.

    If so, then maybe it's not a bad deal.

  3. I'll be pulling for Nash. We'll probably never know the details of the real story, but I can't blame the guy for questioning the organization.

  4. draft listing is back up...pee-break must be over.

  5. Do you suppose Nash pretty much told them, perhaps implicitly, he wouldn't sign with them next off-season and would go FA.

    Stauffer said there was nothing implicit about it.

    I agree with RiversQ. If Nash doesn't trust the Oilers, no one can hardly blame him given the state of them over the last 4 years.

    That being said, get some return for him and move along to the next thing.

  6. Woodguy, I think you misunderstand. The blame goes on the general manager for not being able to maintain a good relationship with one of his more promising, and badly needed, prospects. That we've already heard numerous whispers of poor communication from Tambellini, I am starting to wonder if Tambellini is a good hockey mind who simply lacks the skill set to take the most important, communication-heavy job in hockey.

  7. Christ, Kitsyn might be there at the 6th round pick.

  8. I agree Woodguy.

    It's time to move on with this player.Yes,they rolled the dice in 2007 and lost.

    Take your 46 pick and move on.

  9. I am disappointed with the fact that we had to move Nash. I had high hopes for him. Seemed like a cerebral player who could be a capable two-way nhler. oh well.

    Here's to hoping the Oil can pick up Tyler Stahl from Chilliwack Bruins. A tough kid with the desire to work hard and will his way into a depth D man in the NHL

  10. I'd say the mistake was criticizing his decisions at every turn. If he turns out then it was a decent pick, but we were forced into the trade, so I'd say the value was pretty good.

  11. Minor detail, but I think speeds found that Matt Watkins went from Dallas to Phoenix as a FA without going through the draft.

    Dallas got nothing.

    WG is right. Mop up, move on.

  12. The Oilers weren't forced into this trade. It's entirely possible that they could have developed a better relationship with this kid. Given what we've heard about their communication skills, it's not really a surprise is it?

  13. Matt: they weren't forced to trade him today, they would have continued to hold his rights for more than year.

  14. Agree with RQ,

    If it's true that he won't sign with the Oil, I'd bet dollars to to donuts, it's the Oilers fault

  15. The mistake was in trading up (i.e. overpaying) to get him in the first place. The relationship souring could be on Tambo or Nash (or both), but if they'd simply selected him where he'd been projected (mid 2nd rounder) instead of making the big reach, then getting the return they got for him today would've been a wash.

    I understand the rationale that you pay your scouting staff for a reason and can't go by the book throughout the draft. But in the 1st round, these players have been evaluated to the nth degree. I find it highly unlikely that anyone else in the NHL was pondering drafting Nash in the 1st so why do the Oil feel the need to waste assets to do so?

  16. I thought they jumped over Montreal to grab him,but my memory could be wrong.

  17. I have a good source within the orginization who informed me almost a year ago that Nash wasn't going to sign here. This was a long time coming. Perhaps the organization made some mistakes with how they dealt with Nash or perhaps Nash is a prima donna. From what I have heard from my source it's the latter, although clearly my source is biased.

    The bottom line: other teams knew the situation, some were concerned about character, and the team clearly valued the 46th pick this year over the 51st for next year.

  18. I kept hearing he didn't want to play in Edmonton & would rather go back to college then play here so instead of losing him for nothing,they took what they could's not like he was going to bump out any of the other top prospects like eberle,mps,hall,etc.the oil moved on & it's not like we would get anything for wasn't any secret that he wouldn't sign...every gm in the league knew they'd have to drop his value to get something in return.wasted pick but that happens sometimes but too bad it was a first least we had 3 picks that year.

  19. Hurricanes trade 6th in 2010, Caps 2nd in 2011 for Bobby Sanguinetti

    ... wtf are the Rangers thinking?

  20. Caveat: The 51st compensation pick would be in the 2012 draft, as EDM would have held his rights until Aug 15, 2011.

  21. I really think we need to stop confusing "doesn't want to play IN Edmonton" with "doesn't want to play FOR Edmonton". Quit making it so easy for the Oilers to use the city as a scapegoat for their own failings.

  22. PDO:

    He got passed by DelZotto and Gilroy. He was completely expendible.

  23. Renney said (I think on Stauffer) this about Sanguinetti on Thursday: "He'll play, in several NHL cities."


  24. Nobody cares for a re-cap of who the Sharks have drafted thus far.

    Show me the fucking picks as they happen. Christ.

  25. Oilers pick:

    Brandon Davidson, D from Regina.

  26. Where are we at with Round 6..?

    I'm at work today and is either not working or they are talking details...we had 2 picks in 6,yes..?

  27. 6'2" 194. One of the oldest first-time eligible draftees at August 21st 1991.

    Lotsa points this year for a shitty team.

  28. I don't even think he dominated college...Cornwall is not even a top program from what I understand...I could be wrong but this guy might not be as good as some think...time will tell

  29. In asset management terms, they just drafted a player who projects to the exact same role as Nash and are aiming to get another one with their third round pick. They also have Hartikainen and Vandevelde in the system. They are desperately short of big defensemen though and see a chance to add one they've targeted.

    When you add in the risk that Nash will go back to Cornell for another year instead of to the A and/or that he'll refuse to sign, leaving them with a second round pick in 2012, it's hard to criticise the move.

  30. second 6th rounder:

    Drew Czerwonka, LW from Kootaney. 6'2" goon.

  31. Drew Czerwonka LW Kootenay #164 (sic)

  32. Davidson is actually in his year second year of eligiblity. He was passed over last year when he was only playing midget. He's obviously made some major strides in his game.

  33. Joe strong: you're absolutely right. Cornwall is a shit program. That's why they all left for Nfld.

  34. Dude KO'd Petrovic.

  35. Kris,

    Not absolving the Oilers of any responsibility at all. Its their fuck up.

    ST may have tried to repair the damage, but its seems irreparable.


    While there is concern with communication coming from the GM office, they have signed every pick from the 2008 draft. No problems there.

    Lander came out of his meetings with ST talking about coming over to play in 2011. Good signs there.

    The whole development department for the Oilers has been nonexistent for almost ever. Its seems that ST is addressing that.

  36. They may have salted the ground before ST.

    Makes no sense unless they knew he was virtually 100% going back into the draft or they don't think he's worth signing.

    They gave up next year's 51st OV (compensatory) for this year's 45 OV.

  37. Czerwonka was a 1st round bantam choice who didn't progress as hoped this year after showing some goal-scoring promise as a 16 year old. He can definitely fight in addition. If the Oilers are going to draft players who can be fighters for them in the future, I'd much rather select players like this who have shown the potential to contribute other than with their fists.

  38. I hate to defend management but I think in this circumstance its hard to blame them. Nash made a choice to go to Cornell a school where you play less than 40 games a year in an inferior conference.

    1.The Oilers tried to convince to go to the WHL after his Freshman year.
    - Nash refused

    2. the Oilers tried to sign him and put him in the AHL after his sophmore season.
    -Nash wouldn't sign

    3. Oilers tried to sign him after his junior season
    -Nash refused again.

    Im not saying Nash's decision to go to Cornell was a bad decision for Nash(as obviously he values education), but for his hockey career it probably isn't the best to only practice twice a week and play 35 games a year.

    The Oilers are only interested in Nash as a hockey player and only tried to guide his developement. Nash wouldn't listen.

  39. If you are trying to say that SPR the last 2 years was a better development environment than Cornell - you'll have trouble making that argument. This one's on the Oilers for poisoning the relationship. That said - we gave up a couple of 2nd round picks in a very weak draft to move up and select Nash - so we didn't not lose much.

  40. Nash is obviously not a team guy and his heart isn't fully in the game. I'm glad we got rid of him.

    I don't blame them for drafting him in the first place either. How could they have known what he would do all these years?

    In the end, a good move for the Oilers. How often do you get to turn a bad pick into something tangible?

  41. The Oilers are only interested in Nash as a hockey player and only tried to guide his developement. Nash wouldn't listen.

    And therein lies the problem.

    It all depends on how you present the requests and suggestions. If I was Nash and the Oilers said it like you have I'd start wondering. Then I'd go look at their record and say Hell no, these guys are both assholes and idiots.

  42. I'm going to say Nash didn't want Edmonton to draft him & he sounds like he is moonlighting as a hockey player...another bonsignore? Skill but not really into it

  43. Asia- is there any evidence that suggests that playing on a bad team hurts a players development?

    i know there is a lot of evidence that the more experience and practice you get the better you get at something. Therefor I would rather have Nash play for a bad Springfield team 80 times a year and practice everyday, then play 35 games a year and only practice twice a week.

  44. good riddance. no more head cases here. he's dragging his feet, so see ya!

  45. Rivers- i doubt that was Nash thought process, but you never know.

    Either way, based purely on hockey, choosing to stay at Cornell was a bad decision. I think the Oilers were right in this case and by all accounts made every effort to improve the situation.

  46. How is it the org's fault that the kid didn't want to pay his dues in the minors? You can sugarcoat the communication all you want, but he turned them down 3 times so he clearly he had his own agenda. If he makes the bigs, he pulled off the double (got an ivy league education and a pro hockey career). If his Cornell days stunted his hockey development and he never makes the show, he's got no one but himself to blame and he can console himself as the VP of some Fortune 500.

    I wonder how much (if any) of Schremp being buried in the minors factored into Nash's intransigence?

  47. I am glad we can so easily throw blame around when we have no idea what has really gone on.

    Seems they made the best of the situation today.

  48. speeds: thanks for the clarification that the 51st would be 2012, good to know.

    It really is too bad about Nash, since I think he has some nice tools, although I still question his physical maturity and dedication to hockey.

    Some of what I've heard about him really makes me question how badly he wants to play in the NHL. This is clearly not a kid with "fire in his belly" to play hockey, develop physically, or earn his position.

    My opinion on this is that Nash has a lot of responsibility for the strained relationship and I know there were a couple of teams (including PHX) interested in him in 2007 and these teams didn't have interest in acquiring him. If it was all on the Oilers, I don't think that would be the case.

  49. Here is a list of players who were drafted by Edmonton and signed by them from Nash's 07 draft class and the 08 draft class:

    Sam Gagner
    Alex Plante
    Linus Omark
    Milan Kytnar
    Jordan Eberle
    Johan Motin
    Philippe Cornet
    Teemu Hartikainen
    Jordan Bendfeld

    That's 9 of 11 with only Nash and Quist being the exceptions.

    Add to that MPS signing from 2009, Lander being very positive, the 2009 class is coming along as well.

    You cannot just sit in the corner and throw mud at the Oiler's management about signing their draft picks, communication or alienation.

    9/11 is a great percentage.

    Which NHL team has done better?

    Are Nash and Quist smarter than those 9 players?

    Should they have all held out until traded?

    Not absolving management, they picked him, but you cannot lay this whole thing at ST's feet.

  50. He wants to go to college. That's great. But playing in the NHL is not monkey business. Sometimes you have to pay your dues like everybody else.

  51. Now we'll see if Nash suddenly has a change of heart and decides he'd rather not go back to Cornell for his senior year after all, now that he's an ex-Oiler.

    If he does jump to the pro game, then I guess all that talk of him going to Cornell for that shiny degree was more about some fans imprinting their own thought processes into why he was doing this or that, rather than what was really going on.

    I'm betting he won't be going back to Cornell now.

  52. I can't believe I'm the first one to bring this up but I was reading some of Pitlick's comments and he was saying he had a hard time juggling school and hockey and that he always wanted to be hockey player.

    He was picked just before Nash was dealt and he looks to fill the same role as Riley so I thought those comments were illuminating and goes along with Lain's idea that the Oilers are shunning NCAA players.

  53. LT, you don't have to be watching closely, as I said before the old gaurdand there offspring all need to go. they say one thing and do the opposite.